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RYTHEM (リズム)

左:ゆい (新津由衣) 1985.08.17

右:ゆか  (加藤有加利) 1985.04.03





2002年3月17日 高校の部活の休み時間に結成。

2003年5月21日 デビューシングル「ハルモニア」(「NARUTO」エンディングテーマ)にてソニーミュージックアソシエイテッドレコーズよりメジャーデビュー。


2011年2月27日 Zepp Tokyoライブにて解散し、


2021年3月17日 解散から10年の時を経て突如RYTHEM Official Twitter、Instagram、YouTubeを立ち上げ、話題に。

2021年5月21日 YouTube生配信にて、RYTHEM再始動を発表。

2023年5月21日 Zepp DiverCity(TOKYO)にて20周年記念ライブを開催、


Left: YUI (Yui Niitsu) 17th August, 1985

Right: YUKA (Yukari Kato) 3rd April, 1985

They are J-POP singer duo called “RYTHEM”.

They are good at harmonizing and acknowledge each other's existence as beyond best friend.

They are not only wrote both words and music, but also do harmony arrangement and artwork their selves.

They are trying to think about “What is the happiness?” and then send their messages to the world. 

These 10 years was a period of time in which to recharge their batteries. They came back to bring fun and peace to all over the world.


17th March, 2002  RYTHEM was formed in their break time at school.

21st May, 2003  RYTHEM made a major debut with their song “HARMONIA”(It is the ending theme of NARUTO) from Sony Music Associated Records

And they made a lot of popular songs that “HOUKIGUMO”(the ending theme of Yakitat!! Japan), “Mangekyo Kirakira”(the ending theme of Hikari to tomoni), “Blue Sky Blue”(the ending theme of Teruteru Kazoku)etc…

27th February, 2011  They did a last live show at Zepp Tokyo, and they were disbanded.

After that, they started to work as solo singers.

17th March, 2021   Suddenly, RYTHEM start to Official Twitter, Instagram and YouTube after their last live show.

21st May, 2021   RYTHEM made an announcement that they restart their work as RYTHEM.

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